Americans are living longer than ever before. As aging loved ones reach their golden years, there are a lot of decisions to be made regarding how to plan your estate, how to pay for elder care, and related issues. Each family is unique, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to that works for everyone. For this reason, it is important to work with a lawyer with an in-depth understanding of elder law.

Attorney Demere Mason Jr, Esq. serves seniors and their families in the Jacksonville / North Florida area. We are dedicated to providing customized elder law solutions based on the unique circumstances of each client we serve. We take the time to listen and fully understand all your needs and concerns, and work closely with you throughout the process to develop a comprehensive plan that accomplishes your goals effectively and cost-efficiently.

With proper planning, we can help ensure your aging loved ones are taken care of, and that the interests of you and your family are fully protected.

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Medicaid Crisis Solutions

Many Florida residents did not believe they would ever need long-term care. Others might have been aware of the potential need, but never got around to planning for it. When seniors without significant financial means are forced into a nursing home or assisted living facility without Medicaid pre-planning, they quickly discover that they and their families lack the resources to pay for these expenses. While this situation is never ideal, there are some potential solutions available that can be employed even at the last minute to help address this situation.

Medicaid Preplanning

With the Baby Boomers entering retirement and life expectancies continuing to increase, a growing number of seniors will need to enter a nursing home or require another form of long-term care. Since most seniors lack the financial means to pay for this care on their own, they will find their assets totally depleted without proper planning ahead of time. One of the best strategies to cover long-term care expenses is to plan far in advance to qualify for Medicaid. This involves strict financial requirements and a complex maze of red tape, however, and it is best to work with skilled legal counsel to successfully guide you through the process.


A will is a basic estate planning tool that everyone should have. Without one, important decisions such as the disposition of your assets after you die are left to the state. This can lead to costly and protracted legal battles with no guarantee that your final wishes will be honored. With a will in place, you have additional peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned assets will go to the correct beneficiaries. To help ensure the probate process goes smoothly, you are able to appoint a trusted personal representative/executor to administer your estate and distribute your assets according to your wishes.

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